Dr. Faisal Hashmi

Dr. Faisal Hashmi

Director HR, Coca Cola TCCEC


I am passionate about my work, love to celebrate victories and do not like losing!

My career over two decades with Coca-Cola system has been filled with different yet fulfilling opportunities that have enabled me to learn and better understand the challenges and opportunities faced by Coca-Cola in the Region. I have worked with our bottling partner in Pakistan, provided additional support to our bottler in Afghanistan, working at the Regional Office and Concentrate Plant in Lahore. My wealth of experience from within the system, and diverse background has enabled me to lead well-coordinated efforts across the Coca-Cola system to address challenges and crisis as they arise.

Due to my communication & networking skills and diverse experience, for the most part of my career in the Coca-Cola system, I have been trusted by my leadership team to engage in stakeholder management. On behalf of the company, I have engaged with bottling partners, industrial associations, multilateral institutions, media, non-governmental organizations, and the government. I am adept at developing opinions and influencing narratives, often turning risks into business opportunities.

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