Sajid Asghar Rana

Sajid Asghar Rana

Head Management, Mughal Steel


HR & OD Professional with more than 18 years’ experience in diversified Industries. My objective is to Perform leadership role to drive Human Resource Management and Administration ensuring efficient and effective utilization of resources to achieve Organizational goals in diversified and dynamic environments.

My core competencies include but are not limited to following:-
1. HR Consultant & Trainer.
2. Designing of HR Manual, HR Policies and SOP.
3. Competency Assessment of Managerial Staff & Supervisors.
4. HR & Succession Planning including Recruitment & Selection.
5. Preparation Annual HR & Training Budget for Employees for Learning & Development.
6. Designing and conducting in-house Training programs.
7. Planning Orientation Training & Induction Plan for new employees.
8. Designing Performance Management System based on KPIs.
9. Compensation Management and its administration.
10. Organizational Development, Re-Structuring and Change Management.
11. Implementing Cost Savings Measures / policies / activities.
12. Compliance for ISO – 9002 and Organizing HR Audit – SA 8000.
13. Conduct Surveys with in Organization for improvement and retention of Employees.
14. Development of HRIS for Quick Decision Making.
15. Industrial Relations & Labor Laws, Employee Grievances Handling and Counseling.
16. HR Operations
17. General Administration including Meetings, Delegations, Guests, Security, Safety & Health, Construction and Events Management.

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