Sajjad Kirmani

Sajjad Kirmani

CEO, CloudClinik EMR


Sajjad Kirmani is a Tech Entrepreneur pursuing his passion in Digital Healthcare, Cyber Security, and AI/Data Sciences. He is the Founder & CEO of CloudClinik (, a digital healthcare platform for the emerging economies. He is passionately pursuing his vision to make CloudClinik as one of the most cutting edge and innovative e-health solutions to improve healthcare accessibility through technology. is a Retail Analytics platform based on AI, Machine Learning and Data Sciences. This solution measures visitor behaviour through computer vision technology and provide insights to the retailers & Mall Operators to make smart and informed decisions to improve their business.

Sajjad was a key member of NetSol Technologies Core team back in 1998, a Nasdaq listed & one of the largest software companies in Pakistan. He helped grow NetSol from a start-up to a 1500+ people strong outfit as Director & COO.
He holds a Master´s degree in Computer Sciences from the University of London along with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). He has been a Board Member of PITB & Plan9 Incubation Centre since its inception and has been involved with Start-up Weekend Lahore as a Judge, Coach & Mentor since 2012.

Besides Technology, Sajjad has a passion for gardening and maintains one of the finest spring gardens in Lahore.

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