Shahzad Ali

Shahzad Ali

Managing Director, Forte Technologies - UAE


Out of 27 years of my career, 18 years have been with renowned brand retailers of the region..
My retail career has been distinguished by accelerated advancement and goal-surpassing performance-to-plan. I have propelled numerous stores to #1 in sales and customer service while lowering shrinkage and staff turnover to all-time lows. I have been at the forefront of many European, American and English brands for launching and operating them in UAE.

I possess an efficacious combination of retail management backed by information systems.
My unparalleled business acumen led me to numerous roles at board levels to lead corporate development tasks like strategies, assessments, policies, standard operating procedures, business process analysis, organization structuring and restructuring, process re-engineering, change management etc..

Through my comprehensive background and experience I have led all aspects of retail like:
* Business Development
* Process Engineering/Re-engineering
* International Franchises
* Brand Management
* Retail Sales
* Inventory Management
* Merchandising Management
* Supply Chain Management
* Fit-out Projects
* Multi Location Management
* Data Analysis (MIS)
* ERP Implementation

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